Mr. Sorce possesses a unique teaching ability that appeals to people of all ages and skill levels. His passion for teaching martial arts is experienced by everyone who has had the opportunity to train with him.

Like any good teacher, Mr. Sorce develops a special relationship with his students, pushing them to their fullest potential. His instruction combines repetition to perfect the basics with the introduction of new material to build interest. His many years of experience teaching students of all ages has allowed him to adopt many different teaching styles and techniques to accommodate all students. He encourages students to do their best both inside and outside of class.

Founder and head instructor, Sabumnim Peter Sorce, has more than 30 years of martial arts experience, including more than 25 years of teaching experience. He holds a 6th degree black belt in Taekwon-Do through the Midwest Association of Professional Martial Artists under Kevin Schoenebeck and Joanne Nelson. Mr. Sorce is a Certified Instructor in the Inayan System of Eskrima under Suro Jason Inay with the title of Kadua Guro. Mr. Sorce is also Second Degree Black belt Instructor in Danzan Ryu JuJitsu under Shihan Russ Rhodes. Additionally he is a level 1 certified instructor in Letha Yoga under Bill Anderson and Renee Fabry.

Mr. Sorce has been sought out to teach seminars and classes at businesses, community organizations and as a guest instructor at other martial arts schools. He’s had the opportunity to teach at the South Milwaukee Recreation Department, GE Medical Systems, the US Army Reservist Medical Trainers Unit, PPG Industries, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, the Cudahy Recreation Department, and more.

His training in martial arts began at the age of six, when he suffered from severe asthma and allergies, which prevented him from being involved in other sports. Taekwon-Do not only helped build his strength and endurance, but also his confidence, concentration and discipline. As he continued his training, he discovered how much martial arts positively affected people’s lives. This is how he found his true inspiration in life – teaching martial arts.


926 Milwaukee Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

(414) 759-9531